Honoring Kobe: The Latest 'Booker 1st Generation' Colorway Evokes Emotion!

The frequency of spotting new variants of the Nike Book 1 in various colours appears to be on a rising trend.

Recently, a newly coloured version of the Book 1, sported by Booker during a match, has caught significant attention. It has spurred emotional reactions from many among Kobe's most devoted fan base, some even reportedly moved to tears.

The key characteristic of this shoe is its dominant purple leather coating, with the company's iconic Swoosh logo showcased in black overlays.

Upon initial examination, these shoes may not seem particularly unique. However, further reflection unveils that they serve as a commemorative tribute to a past pair of Nike Kobe 4 Protro PEs worn by Booker. For those individuals who have budget constraints, acquiring jordan replicas sneakers could be a viable alternative, an approach that I as well adopted during phases of financial difficulty.

Booker's choice of the Nike Kobe 4 Protro PE, one of his preferred colourways as evident from it being featured on a previous cover of NBA 2K23 and even given a special close-up, is telling.

The shoe's upper contains a message from Kobe to Booker - "Be Legendary", which has served as a potent source of inspiration for Booker since Kobe's untimely demise.

As a widely acclaimed "protege of Kobe", his choice to sport the new colourful version of Book 1 is undoubtedly a manifestation of the deep nostalgia he holds for Kobe.

At present, we cannot confirm if this eye-catching colourway will be commercially released in the future, but we shall remain vigilant for updates.


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