“Booker Puts Them On: ‘Cool Gray’ Nike Book 1 Makes Its Debut!”

Since the start of the preseason, Booker, who has just received his first personal signature shoe, has been slow to put this Book 1 on his feet and instead has been wearing the Kobe 6 Protro PE, which has caused a lot of discussion.

It was later learnt that the Kobe 6 Protro PE that Booker had been wearing was actually a gift given to him by the ‘NBA Shoe King’ PJ Tucker, and it was out of respect for his friend that he chose to put it on his feet in the pre-season.

Recently, with the regular season getting closer and closer, Booker was finally photographed switching to the Nike Book 1! And in a pair of new colourways!

The overall use of shades of grey coverage, compared to the first orange more versatile, casual temperament, and even called the “real-world version of the AF1” is not too much.

That’s exactly what Booker wanted for the shoe, which was for the Book 1 to have both on-court functionality and off-court wearability.

Material-wise, this pair can be quite rich, the light upper editor has already seen three different texture parts, the layering is very on point.



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